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The First Line
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The idea of this community is based on The First Line Magazine.

On Wednesdays I'll post the sentence for the next two weeks. You then have two weeks to post your story. Every story posted has to start with the sentence chosen (feel free to email me with ideas for sentences). And, in case someone gets behind, misses the sentence post, etc. I'll save the sentence posts as memories.

Don’t be scared to post your story when you’re done. We don’t expect you to churn out a masterpiece in a week (especially since most of us write them in half an hour before the deadline). This community is just for fun. So get creative, get to writing, and post!


1. Every story posted has to start with the sentence provided, no alterations.
2. The word count must fall between 300 and 3000 words. No more, no less.
3. All genres, except erotica, are accepted.
4. Be creative.

Story posting header

Word count
Rating (State why it's rated R, for example)
Author's Notes (if applicable)
*Story behind LJ-cut* (And it would be great if you could stick a full line break between every paragraph so the whole thing is easier on the eyes)

How to do an LJ-cut: <*lj-cut* text*="Blah">What you want to be cut.<*/lj-cut> (Take out the *'s)

Due Date

Stories can be posted any time on the due day. If I get the next sentence up before you have a chance to post your story, don't worry. As long as it's in some time on the due day, you're good to go.


You're more apt to get feedback if you give it yourself. I'd like to encourage you to give feedback (concrit, only. You'll be kicked very hard if you flame anyone :P This is just for fun, people!) even if you don't get around to writing and/or posting your own story. Concrit makes us better writers.

Extra challenges

Genre Challenge: Just like the first sentence is fixed, you can have the genre be fixed for you too.

Location Challenge: Let's say the location is a park. If you accept the challenge, then a park needs to appear in the story (the char runs through the park, passes a park, walks his/her dog in the park), or you can make it harder and make the story center around the park.

Object Challenge: The object is a glass of wine. A glass of wine then has to appear in the story (a friend was drinking a glass of wine, the char had a glass of wine with dinner, the char dumped a glass of wine over a boyfriend's head). Or, like with the location challenge, you can try and make the story revolve around that one object.

Spamming other communities

If you are a part of this community (you post, comment, etc.) and have a community of your own you want to promote, that's fine with me as long as it doesn't get excessive. If you use this community simply to spam another one, I will delete the post.

Other communities

story_swap: Penpals and writing partners!

madmad_stories2: Once a week you'll be given the challenge of writing a story with ten unrelated words scattered throughout. Stories will be rated and a winner from every week gets to choose ten words for the next week's challenge.