Anyone still around?

I found myself wanting some writing challenges today but sadly it looks like this community hasn't been updated in forever. Anyone still around and wanting to get this thing going again? I could really use an every-other-week writing challenge. :)
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Time for some reflection?

Wow. It's March 30, and the last post to this community, including mine, was on January 13. I know I fell off the line-posting wagon when I started a new part-time job shortly after that date, and since no one has said anything (or presumably missed the place), I have the terrible feeling that it's time to ask what we want to do here.

I could do my best to get back into the habit of posting a weekly line. Others could do the same. Or we could change format (monthly? Though I suspect that would be even harder to remember) or try something else, depending on what suggestions are out there, or we could, reluctantly and only because reality does have a way of smacking me us in the face, admit defeat.

What thoughts do you all have? I know I personally feel very attached to this community and the idea behind it, but even I have gone for two months without realizing it was missing, so perhaps the answer is already clear? Or are there other options?

Please weigh in!
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Marillion London Stars
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Yay for new people posting! Here's to more in the new year!

This week's line:

It didn't have to happen this way.

Object challenge: spoon

Stories due Wednesday, January 20. Rules are here. Have fun!
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First line of the new year!

It had been years since I had seen ____________.

Genre challenge: suspense

Stories due Wednesday, January 13. Rules are here. Have fun!
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A post!

I promised myself I was going to use a prompt this week, and then just realized it was Wednesday evening, which means I need to post a new one (Ideas, guys?) and that I hadn't made good on my threat. So this was literally dashed off in the last five minutes and should be taken accordingly, and with my apologies! I don't even have a name for it. It what it is. (And it is very short!)

Marjorie looked out the window as she heard the crowd shout Collapse )
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I hope you guys are having a great holiday season! I forgot to put a due date on the last post, so if you (have) decide(d) to give it a go, feel free to post it whenever. :)

_______ looked out the window as s/he heard the crowd "Happy New Year!" on the television.

Object challenge: camera

Stories due Wednesday, January 6. Rules are here.
Charlie Brown
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Since I'm posting this especially late, and all sorts of holidays are upon us, I'm also extending the due date. :)

"This toy better be made of pure gold," _________ thought as s/he shoved her way into the store in pursuit of this year's must-have gift.
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