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Surely there were worse things than cleaning up the results of a failed experiment, but at the moment Todd couldn't think of any. It had gone better than the previous experiment but this... was still a failure. Liquids were on the walls. It had dripped down leaving streaks and those would be hard to remove if he let it set and dry. Also the chunks needed to be wiped up immediately before they started to grow and move. That was a disaster last time. After a few hours they had united and formed one large entity that he had to blow up with his laser gun and that made an even bigger mess than originally. However, the flame thrower helped take care of it so all he just burnt it all.

Sighing, Todd strapped on his rubber gloves, rubber boots and thick rubber apron and picked up a shovel to began cleaning up the large chunks. They would need to be put into the incinerator, no sense making the same mistake. Of course, when he disposed of those chunks they had been tossed into the pit along with a wide variety of chemicals. Chemicals that were best described as "bad." Chemicals that most people never heard of. Chemicals no government would allow anyone to possess. Chemicals only available on the Black, Black market.

True, having a lab with a pit full of dangerous chemicals beneath his lab was dangerous, but he liked danger. As a mad scientist, danger wasn't something one tried to avoid. He invited danger. Danger was his middle name, his game, and his cup of cocoa (he wasn't fond of tea.)

Once all the large stuff was cleaned up, he began with the large puddles. Puddles could be just as dangerous when left alone for a long while. It may only ooze along, but it could fill a whole room and get through cracks. That time did not go over well with the locals. When over 200 cattle end up missing, someone is definitely to blame. Especially when the thing that did so makes a small trail from the dilapidated castle and very large one back to it. In one day, no less.

Todd had been lucky enough to destroy it and kept a small sample for study until he left it in the sun. He was mildly disappointed but since he managed to wipe the memories of the peasants and wasn't lynched he quickly for got about it.

However, there was still talk in town. Behind closed doors, behind hands at bars, in the middle of the day when he was asleep. They put up a watch who's eyes were glued to his castle, signs were posted along the road and a few laws had been put into effect forbidding anyone from coming to his place. They were getting restless and maybe even his mind wipe only worked for so long before those memories resurfaced like a skeleton in a river bank.

Maybe they were becoming immune to his tricks. Soon they'd see through all his disguises and costumes. They'd reach the breaking point, grab their pitch forks, swords, torches and shovels, hide the wife and kids and tell them, "Don't come out until dawn," and march up the road, past the signs and beat down his door. Breaking through all his enchantments, they'd raze his tower to the ground, kill him and put his head on a pike outside his front gate.

Yes, any day now. Any day that door would swing wide and they'd condemn him to hell with angry voices.

The front door opened suddenly. Todd turned to face it.

"Todd, honey, I'm home!"

"Mommy!" Todd skipped out of the kitchen wearing his mothers apron and rubber gloves with his galoshes. He hugged her leg, getting chocolate syrup, ketchup and honey on her pant leg.

"Did my little scientist make another mess?" she raised and eyebrow at the child. He was a gooey mess and there was undoubtedly flour in his hair.

"Sorry," he let go of her leg.

"As long as you clean it up sweaty." Mom patted him on his head, getting flour and powdered sugar on her hand as she walked past him. Stepping over a splash of mustard, she opened the fridge and put a new gallon of milk inside. "I hope you'll have it done by the time daddy get's home."

"Okay!" the little boy saluted and continued with clean up. He didn't know how he'd get the caramel off the ceiling but he was sure his mom would help.

"Where's Lisa?" Looking about, his mother searched for signs of a baby sitter.

"Asleep in the den." With a huff and an eye roll, his mother left the kitchen to find the irresponsible teen. As she disappeared down the hall, Todd returned to his cleaning. The peasants were sedated, for now.
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