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Purple line, let me set up my world

Title: Starlight
Genre: Fanfiction, RPF
Word count: 1,210 words
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: This is my first post and the story is fanfiction. Mods, let me know if this is not allowed. WARNING: malexmale pairing is involved.

Jaejoong looked out the window as he heard the crowd "Happy New Year!" on the television. He jumped from where he was sitting near the window of their hotel room as Yoochun and Junsu felt the need to echo the crowd’s enthusiasm with their own screaming version of “Happy New Year!” – right in his ear.

“Aish, stop screaming in my ear you two! I’m too young to become deaf and my ears are ringing now,” said Jaejoong, rubbing his ear gingerly, trying to make sure his eardrums were still intact.

“But hyung we were just ‘ringing’ in the new year!” said Yoochun with an innocent look on his face. Junsu’s trademark eu kyang kyang echoed throughout the room.

The oldest grimaced, trying to purge the lame remark from his memory. “You’ve been hanging around Junsu for too long, Yoochun. His corny jokes are rubbing off on you.”

“Ah hyung, if you keep looking like that, your face will get stuck like that for the rest of the year,” said Junsu.

“Yah, you’ll look this,” Yoochun tried imitating Jaejoong’s constipated look, and more laughter could be heard in their hotel room.

“I never heard of such nonsense before,” muttered Jaejoong. Even so, he stopped grimacing.

“Look, we can see fireworks here, too! Let’s go and watch them!” Before Jaejoong could refuse, he was dragged unceremoniously to the balcony of their hotel room.

“Okay, okay I’m coming! No need to break my arm,” said the lead singer with an exasperated look at his face. “Why are you two so hyper tonight? Did you guys stuffed yourselves with candy when I wasn’t watching?”

Jaejoong missed the smirk shared between the other two. “Maybe…” Yoochun said mysteriously.

The three of them gazed at the fireworks displayed as far as the eye could see, illuminating the obsidian sky with the brilliance of green, red, purple, yellow, and orange. Screams and cheers could be heard from far away, as people welcomed the beginning of a new and hopefully better year.

“Wow…so pretty,” said Junsu in awe. Yoochun didn’t answer, his hyper babble seemingly subdued by the lightshow. Jaejoong shook his head at the younger two and their expressions of childlike wonder. He continued looking at the fireworks and watched as each burst of light ascended through the sky, defying obstacles of gravity and air resistance and igniting each molecule that stands in their path. He watched as those initial sparks ultimately exploded into a dance of sparks and colors across the sky, its entrancing beauty capturing the attention of many. However, no matter how bright the sparks or how breathtaking the performance, their brilliance and glamour were still vulnerable to the cruel mechanics of physics and diffusion until they were nothing more than wisps of smoke descending in the cold winter air, desperately grappling onto visibility and existence. Jaejoong watched until they vanished completely into the night sky, their existence forgotten as the coward focused their attention on another brighter spark, a more colorful display. What goes up must still come down. Even the most precious and valuable will eventually be forsaken and forgotten. Such is the law of nature. Such is the way of life.

Jaejoong felt a dull ache in his heart and looked away from the fireworks display, its brightness no longer beautiful but mocking, and unconsciously clutching his chest. “Why do fireworks have to fade so quickly?” he mumbled to himself. He was so lost in his reverie that he didn’t notice a tall figure approaching him, didn’t notice that Junsu and Yoochun had made their way back in the hotel room.

“Because they have to make way for the stars to shine again.”

Jaejoong quickly spun around, not trusting in his eyes that the sight before him was not an illusion or hallucination. “Yunho?” he whispered, as if he said the name louder, the figure in front of him would fade like wisps of smoke. Like the fireworks that just a minute ago captured his attention.

“Jaejoong.” A simple response. The figure was still there.

I’m here, Yunho wanted to say, but a sharp spike of pain interrupted his thoughts.

“Ow! Why did you do that?” he yelled, rubbing the aching spot where Jaejoong’s fist had connected with his chest.

“That hurts?” whispered Jaejoong in disbelief. He then pinched his arm and was shocked to feel the resulting pain. “You’re here.”

“Of course I am here Jaejoongie.” Yunho smiled patiently, used to his boyfriend’s eccentric acts. His smile quickly became an expression of concern as he noticed the tears forming in Jaejoong’s eyes and stepped forward to pull the shorter man into a hug.

“How are you here? What about Changmin? Why—“ Jaejoong couldn’t finish as he struggled to hold together coherent thoughts that had exploded into all directions of his mind. ‘Yunho’s here, Yunho’s here’ his mind repeated to himself.

“Junsu and Yoochun arranged for me to come here. Changmin’s back at the hotel.” At Jaejoong’s disappointed expression, Yunho quickly continued. “He wanted to come, but we would get in trouble if manager-hyung didn’t find us in the hotel room. So he stayed to at least make sure someone was in the room. He’s learning how to cook now and tells me to warn you that if he cooks better than you, he will usurp your position as umma.”

“Tch, that guy, he’s all talk, as if his cooking skills are any good, he looks so thin lately…” Jaejoong trailed off, lips trembling slightly.

Yunho wiped the tears streaking down Jaejoong’s face, wrapping his arms around the singer’s slender waist. “Aish, don’t cry. Minnie will laugh at you if he sees you like this. And it’s New Year’s remember? Don’t start the new year off by crying.”

“Junsu told me that my face will get stuck like this…those two brats.” Remembering Yunho’s earlier words, he now understood why they were so hyper earlier. He smiled fondly at his dongseng’s crazy antics and sighed, leaning back against the dancer’s chest. However, his smile quickly faded as he gazed at the sky and saw only smoke dancing in the air, the ghosts of a once radiant past.

Seeing the change in his lover’s expression, Yunho kissed his Jaejoong’s cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like watching fireworks anymore. They’re beautiful, yes, but they vanish so quickly. People forget about them so quickly, as if they never existed in the first place.” Jaejoong was silent, but Yunho could hear the question ringing in the air just as clear. What about us? Are we just as fleeting as fireworks, brilliant and shining on stage only to die out without a spark and be forgotten? Will contract provisions, false rumors, and failed negotiations be the diffusion that tears us apart?

“We’re more than just fireworks, Jaejoongie.” Yunho tightened his embrace, pressing his entire body against the older man, making sure the other could feel every Angstrom of their connection, permanent and lasting. “Look and see what else is in the night sky after the fireworks are gone.”

“What are you talking about?” Jaejoong looked back with a questioning look.

With one hand still around the older man’s waist, Yunho draw a familiar ‘W’ shape in the air.

Jaejoong gasped softly. “We’re stars.” And he understood.
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